Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Walnut Room #2 (Grand Opening)

Well, the best pizza place in town has finally set up a sister shop. And they put the 'grand' in Grand Opening. Swimming with an eclectic mix of folks, free pies and of course a handful of PBR drafts... The Walnut Room did a stellar job entering onto the scene. Nice job to eM-Ve marketing who threw the bash together and made it a night to remember!

Complete with the red carpet, The Walnut Room entered in style and now delightfully adorns the humble digs of South Broadway. I guess technically it's located at 2 N. Broadway, but that's beside the point. At the corner of Ellsworth, it finds itself accompanied by many classy establishments such as The Hornet, Three Kings Tavern, Hi-Dive and the Mayan Theatre. Whether you're hanging out for a flick, indie show, or just bar hopping it, "The Nut" (as many so fondly refer to it) is a great place to satisfy your famish.

I personally see myself walking the street after a late night indie film and finding my satiation with the "Marshall Stack". However, you'll easily find your fave as there are a handful of creative pizzas on this menu, along with some delicious hoagies. Even though there are a lot of options to go around, there is something to the simplicity of this concept. Doing a few things, and figuring out how to do them very well is normally a pretty good business plan. I think The Nut has that figured out.

This mecca of culinary grunge and groove has potential to be the official quality pie shop of the SoBro dive scene. When you stop in, give the namesake a try. "The Walnut Special" is probably the only pizza in Denver with (of course) walnuts on it that I'll be back for again. But it's less of a freak ingredient and more of a note to a great melody as it dances on your palate with fresh tomato, green olives, onion, garlic and pesto. It also offers a nice texture contrast which definitely adds a layer to the experience.

Though the dining room is small, the space is nicely updated and I envision it will be swimming with all shapes and sizes of folks in the months to come. Especially those who appreciate the only draft offering: PBR. The fact that it's the only option sort of glorifies the modest brew, and that tugs on the heart strings for me. However, it happens to be my beef as well. I will continue to request other fine brews such as my preferred Guinness, but that will be an undertaking for another day. Take a look at their bottle selection, it might get you what you need.

If you haven't visited the original Walnut Room on 32nd and Walnut, now is your chance to enjoy some stellar pie with a new and improved locale. However, if you do venture up to the ExDo location, check out their shows as well. They book some solid talent out there.

Stay tuned for more on Walnut Room numero dos... I'll include my rating scale too when I head back and have the typical day-to-day experience. Go check it out for yourself and let The Dish know what you think!

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