Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Denver Dives

So do you ever run into one of those just too weird situations that almost seems like fate? Alright, maybe a little too romantic. But that's kind of what it was like when I ran into a buddy of mine a little bit ago and our conversation diverted to the blog that I've been up to for the last year or so.  Sometimes conversations go one way, and sometimes they go the other.  Normally this one ends with me sending them a link and calling it a day.  This time was a little different.  When I found out he was also a blogger, I was surprised to find out that he was also a food blogger. And not only that, but we both covered complete opposite ends of the dining spectrum. Works for me, considering we won't technically compete directly for our mutual friends' readership.   Denver Dives vs. The Denver Dish? I point out the irony in the naming, yes. But I'd be on the losing end of that bout. It's kind of like the bad-ass biker taking on a stuck up French foodie.

So we find out we're similar in hobby, but now here's where we're different. I'm the kind of guy who appreciates classical food, a fine dining experience and naturally at the complete ruin of my cashola.  I'm your cliche guy who hits the places 5280 puts on their top 25, the places that everyone knows about.  If you haven't been to a place I blog about, you probably know where to find it. As for Luke, he's the kind of guy that wants to dig into the dark underbelly of the Denver food scene and scrub up one of those token hole in the wall places. Literally, the places with holes in their walls.  Places like The Lancer, Crown Burger, the legendary Beer Warehouse and most recently Wolf's Motor Inn frequently rub by on Denver Dives.  Whereas The Denver Dish may stir up some romanticism and focus on the art of the dining experience,  Luke's blog will leave you in stitches and running for the closest plate of greasy grub. Not to mention, the thought of these two white suburban dudes hitting the shadiest of the shady just tugs on the heart strings for me.

I have to say I'm behind schedule putting this up.  But I thought I would stagger a little bit from when he plugged The Dish on his blog.  I also have to say this won't benefit him nearly as much as his plug did me.  After all, Luke did get props from one of the big food blogs in Denver for his writeup on Crown Burger, and I got a second hand ankle-grabbing sort of ride from the fact that my link was the most recent post on his front page. Thanks Luke (or Dean, whatever you call yourself these days).

So here's my shining recommendation for you to check out Luke's digs. Since The Dish probably won't do it for your inner animal, make sure you frequent Denver Dives.    


  1. Nice post. This hilarious; I too consider myself a little predictable, romantic and cliche in my dining habits. I hope Jorge de la Torre is reading this- he is very much the expert who takes on risk to find the restaurant less traveled. I'm too lazy and chicken for the latter... so I depend on my brave friends to recommend these hidden jewels - keep the recommendations coming. Josh

  2. I hope Jorge de la Torre is reading your blog as well, just so you can say you have a guy named George of the Tower reading your blog. How international!