Monday, March 22, 2010

H Burger Co.

If you live in Denver and haven't heard about H Burger by now, then you might be the first I've heard of.  I can't tell you how many conversations I've had around the Mile Hi City in the past few months, not just about H Burger itself but about this and that burger joint that you gotta check out.  I think it's fair to say that there's a burger revolution going on... not just your burger burger, but those that also integrate the gourmet motif.  That's where H Burger comes in.  But what does the 'H' stand for? Holy? Heavenly? Hyped?

First of all, I'm a burger guy. A burger and fries is one of my favorite meals, and I don't think I'm alone. As far as I'm concerned, greasy and beefy should be food groups in and of themselves. At the same time, I love creativity with food. So when I heard about H Burger and saw a picture of it on a recent Dining Out magazine, I couldn't get it out of my brain.

So we hit it up with little hesitation after a bomb Matt Morris show at Twist and Shout. Check out my friend The Idol Insider's coverage.  We figured good times with great music only called for excellent food. And we were all aching to try this new place out. In this given week, I was just on a burger rush and couldn't get enough. I had already had one for lunch Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and kept on going. Still wasn't burgered out. It kind of reminded of that guy in Super Size Me... like something was hormonally imbalanced with me and I was falling into my next food addiction. Enough small talk, let's hit it.

After New Yorking some guy out for a parking space (I pulled a sweet move to nab a scarce street spot), we sauntered down a few blocks to the newish Sugar Cube building at 16th and Blake. Great location first of all, probably couldn't be more in the heart of it. Modern architecture and decor sort of meld with the classical as this building is a direct relative to the neighboring vintage Sugar Building. However, something that is distinctively different is the ground level, home of H Burger.

Huge windows, track lighting and a reminiscence of 50's diner create the new restaurant's ambience. Being prominently booth-oriented with a black and white minimalistic color scheme, the atmosphere doesn't integrate as much into the experience. But what it does do is accentuate the few sparks of color that present themselves, mainly the red lettering on the menu, and of course, the food.

We quickly agreed to a round of boiler makers. Chef Ian seems to have an affinity with a certain Jim Beam, and being that we're in Colorado the respective beer to present here was of course Coors Light.  A shot and a pint for 4 bucks? Deal. Only downside to this strategy was that we didn't sample the fabled liquid nitrogen shakes on this trip.  Guess it leaves some innocence for the next lap. Give one a shot if you stop in, they definitely looked cool as they walked by in their smoky demeanor. Oh yea, did I mention they were spiked? These aren't for the kiddos. 
 Boiler Makers? Heck yes! Haven't even had one and already seeing double. 

Now I had to order the sandwich that had haunted me from a magazine cover in weeks past. But believe it or not, no such burger existed.  I did my best to recreate that picturesque item anyways and ordered, of course, "The H Burger" and supplemented it with an o-ring. After all, it was that big golden onion that caught my eye in the first place:

 I'm going to spare you all the picture of me shoving this in my mouth, especially considering it's blackmail material. I did get a top to bottom bite, but not without completely unhinging my jaw.

Aptly described as: "Happy. Harmonious. Heck yeah! Hand-formed, fresh ground daily, Angus beef, Hatch chili, smoked Cheddar, sweet ‘n’ spicy bacon, butter lettuce, not to mention some secret stuff". Secret stuff? What ever could you be talking about? Overall, a pretty busy burger.  A lot going on, and honestly up front it lacked that flavor punch because it's somewhat shy on the condiments.  Nothing gets me more than some concoction to bring the whole thing together.  That, and slightly undercooked bacon were my only real complaints about this burger. Pros: good beef. Actually medium-rare. Huge roasted chili. Toasty bun goodness, and smoky undertones. All this and a man vs. food mentality stuffed me to the brim.

Fries. I would opt for the truffle variation any day. That hasn't changed- go for it. 

Now even though the name is highly suggestive of a certain fare, H Burger also offers a handful of other entree options. Granted, your neighborhood veggie may not find a pre-set option, but I'm guessing they're not running through the doors anyways. They can always get a salad, hold the awesome.

So that's H Burger for me so far.  Being that we were there on a quasi-opening weekend and there were still some kinks to work out, I'm not dropping my scale into the picture yet.  But I do intend to return, likely pre-Rockies game and I'll let you all know how round 2 goes.  Feel free to stop in, take advantage of some post-opening specials and let me know how it was. I look forward to your comments!

Okay, maybe I'm burgered out now. Dish it up Denver.

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  1. It's like we went to different restaurants. I was deeply underwhelmed with the preparation of the food and the overall competence of the staff.

    I'm glad that you had better luck than I did.

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  3. I go to H a bunch b/c I live in the neighborhood. Early on they had some consistency has improved significantly. I now go 1-2x a week and hardly order a burger as their other food offerings are great. I love the pulled chix sando and the Turk Burger (somtimes there is too much sauce). My GF is in love with the Garden Burger (they changed it from the original chick pea GF hated it.) The bartender told me they were about to start offering cheap vodka pitchers...fired up.

    I like your site...keep it up.

  4. Really? New Yorking some guy out for a parking space.Do you have your learners permit yet?