Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Denver Burger Battle

When I started my quest for Denver's Better Burger last month, I was surprised to hear the response that I did.  One thing was confirmed: not only America, but Denver LOVES THEIR BURGERS. 

One of the most exciting responses I received was from a gentleman who introduced me to The Denver Burger Battle.  Benefitting Big Brothers Big Sisters, this event will feature 10 of Denver's premium burger afficionados. And now, in no particular order I present to you:

- Deluxe Burger
- Colt & Gray
- The Cherry Cricket
- H Burger Co.
- Park Burger
- Old School Burgers
- Encore
- Walk-In Burgers
- Steubens
- Argyll

When I found out that their rap sheet and my hit list for the Better Burger feature had more in common than I expected, I got that good old fashioned romantic feeling... I definitely plan to attend on August 17th and invite you too as well!  If you become a fan on facebook, you'll instantly receive 10 dollars off the original ticket cost.  And of course, it supports a great cause.

Now maybe your favorite burger joint isn't listed here- have no fear. Email me and let me know where to go next for Denver's Better Burger.

Dish it up!


  1. What about "The Counter"?

  2. The Counter is a chain that started in CA. The event was focused on Colorado burger joints that started here.