Saturday, July 3, 2010

July's Better Denver Burger #1: The Encore Burger (Encore Restaurant)

A couple of things pulled me to Encore on a Sunday afternoon with Jess and Chris.  Not only was it a gorgeous day to sit on the patio, but we were able to grab a 25 dollar gift certificate for only 2 bucks.  That's always an added bonus, especially when gems like Encore end up on there.

In my quest for Denver's Better Burgers, Encore was one of the first restaurants that mentally landed on my list. I had been in the past, and I have only received confirmation that The Encore Burger is one of the most appreciated sandwiches in the city.

Now Encore is a versatile little place.  Located in the old Lowenstein Theatre, their menu offers a handful of options from fine entrees, to flatbread pizzas, salads, pastas etc. It definitely isn't your typical burger joint, and there's really only one burger option to choose from. But in my opinion, it's sufficient enough to put them on the map, and of course to earn them a spot in The Denver Burger Battle.

I'm slacking a little bit here, this was supposed to be June's Better Burger, but instead you're going to get a double dose in July. I ate it in June, does that count? Yes, even a week later I still have this burger floating around in my brain, beckoning me and taunting me to eat it again.

Like I mentioned in my previous feature, it's the sauce that brings so many burgers home for me.  This time, we're talking about a gruyere, bacon, and blue cheese compote that simply dresses a juicy, caramelized patty. It's so good they put it on the bottom too. The bun is perfectly toasted adding additional texture to the dish, and the sandwich is finished off with arugula. 

All in all, there's something about the sweet and savory depths of this burger as well as the variety of textures that makes it July's Better Burger. Encore is really doing something good here, and I love it when someone takes an otherwise typical dish  and turns it into something extraordinary.  There's sort of a romantic element that tugs on the heart strings for me... good for you hamburger.

My guess: we're only going to see more of this action as we get deeper and deeper into this burger revolution of sorts.  Stay tuned for The Dish's next Better Burger, and of course, email me your suggestions on where I should go next.

Dish it up!

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  1. This sounds really good! What did you think about the atmosphere and service at Encore? Were you happy with it? I'll have to keep this place in mind the next time we visit you guys!