Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December's Better Denver Burger: Park & Co.

So I have to humble myself as I start this feature- because I wouldn't have gone to Park & Co. had it not been for an absolutely crushing fantasy football loss to a competitor more worthy than I. With lunch on the line, my yuppie (yet slightly balding) friend suggested we head over to the younger brother of the Park Burger family since it was closer to his downtown high-rise office. Yes, even further degradation as we met on his terms, on his turf.

We landed at Park & Co and basically opened the place. My friend is also old, so he subscribes to the early bird special. Being that last time I was at Jean-Phillipe Failyau's joint, I had the Royal. And I promised myself if I went back I would just have the ParkBurger.  I was surprised that I didn't find it on the menu, but I special ordered it anyways, and it did not disappoint. 

The bun was perfectly toasted (even slightly charred how I like it), with a nicely caramelized 1/2 pound patty and  sharp cheddar cheese. Plus lettuce, tomato, pickle, and somehow the side of fry sauce managed to sneak its way in there as well. Not sure how that happened, but you won't find me complaining. Overall, a  well balanced burger~ and it washed down very nicely with the Snickers bread pudding. 

My buddy had The Royal, and you can bet that next time I swing by, The Croque Burger has my name all over it. Stay tuned for the next burger feature, when I put Jeremy's recommendation to the test at The Elm. Dish It Up!

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