Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March's Better Denver Burger: LarkBurger's Truffle Burger

You've heard of it, you've probably had it, and if you have then you most likely loved it. This month's Better Denver Burger is of course, LarkBurger.

I always have to pay homage to the locals in this feature, and LB (of which there are 4 units now) has Colorado written all over it because they "keep it natural". It's easier to read than to explain it- all I know is if I ever find myself driving down the road behind a fry oil-powered LarkBurger wagon, I'll likely be in a dead sprint to the closest joint. That's good marketing.

With fine dining roots dating back to 1999, LarkBurger is a well-mannered stepchild of Vail's Larkspur restaurant. Fast food clashes with gourmet in a cleanly-executed attention to detail, and a mantra of simplicity. It's not stuffy, but there are some finer points in the mix for sure.

The first time I indulged myself in the Lark, I remember being blown away by how good the meat itself tasted. Maybe it was the simple seasoning profile, or the fact that they use black angus beef. Either way, it was cooked to a perfect medium, and didn't so much have a crumbly ground beef texture but more of a beef tartare thing going on in the middle. So fresh and so clean clean.

My kind of brown paper bag lunch.
In terms of accompaniments you'll find the regulars: greenleaf lettuce, tomato and red onion, but what really slam dunks this for me is the truffle aioli and bun. You'll find that this silky sauce flowing over a well-toasted, fluffy egg bun adds another layer of flavor and texture. Also, a good rule of thumb here is to add truffle wherever you can- and that's where the truffle parmesan fries come in- hand cut with fresh herbs.

The bottom line is this burger is balanced- and it's fresh. You know you're not so much indulging yourself in chemicals and preservatives, but rather in good ingredients. I like to tell myself it's healthy too.

Cost: Truffle Burger-6.75; Truffle-parm fries-2.95
Lark is 100% wind-powered
Vegetarian Option: The Amy Burger
Kids 12 and under eat free on Monday
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