Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Kitchen [Next Door]

The Kitchen's farm-to-table focus with Boulder's community at the core has always intrigued me. The simplicity of what they're doing, but the elegance of the result defines what Boulder is all about. In a sense, they're a quaint town doing powerful things when it comes to food.

What is now becoming a nationally acclaimed region when it comes to cuisine, Boulder has never seemed to have trouble popping out more fine eateries and packing them to the brim. The most recent vintage: The Kitchen [Next Door].

The third child in an ever-growing family, [Next Door] is a more day-to-day casual concept, with a simple menu of salads, soups, sandwiches, and small plates. With a goal to make The Kitchen's fresh, organic, locally-sourced cuisine more accessible to average Joe, I would say 'mission accomplished'.


 Grazing Pearl Street with a street-facing dining bar and a quaint patio, [Next Door] is a welcoming place with a unique disposition. Elementary in nature, but a few strokes of genius within take it to the next level. Whether ambience, the outdoor dining room, or the technology within, this is one book that you can't judge by it's simple cover.

A good portion of the seating is at the dining bar and community table, creating a social, family feel.
The dining bar

 I opted for a simple, fresh dish- The Salmon Salad; lightly dressed arugula with red onion, black beans, and a cool salmon salad on top. The flavors in the dish were ever so slightly accentuated by the vinaigrette to the point where you didn't taste the dressing, but rather the natural elements and oils of the dish.

To the left, crispy fingerlings smashed with garlic, salt and pepper. Again, natural and pleasing, but not too heavy. And in the background, Rosemary Lardo Flatbread with a salty undertone and rosemary accent.

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich's juicy meat packed a punch with a balanced charbroiled flavor, arugula, and garlic aioli.

Slow-Roasted Pork on Ciabatta- with an herb-accented salsa verde; served with a side of quinoa salad.  The juicy pork melted into the freshly-baked crunch of the bread and complemented well with fresh elements.

A limited but diverse beer menu boasts a number of local favorites in Avery, and Oskar Blues.

Their all-organic wine list includes the Kitchen's own red and white house wines- from Central Coast, CA. 8 wines- 8 taps, and shipped in directly from the vineyards.

As we moved our way through the meal, one point was obvious- the team here is excited about where they are, and what they're doing. All proceeds from their opening day went to fund Boulder's community gardening projects in the schools which is a noble cause, but ultimately it completes the cycle of the farm-to-table concept. And as patrons consume what The Kitchen [Next Door] is serving them, there's more growing in the back yard for tomorrow.

A simple, yet elegant vision emanates from the experience start to finish. [Next Door] is a concept that in and of itself, is Boulder. Expect to leave satisfied, but not over indulged. And ultimately, you can know that you gave back to something that brings us back to basics- and absolves the status quo of today's food. Dish It Up!

Opens Daily at 11am
Avg Entree: $7.95
Try The Kitchen's House Red, White, and Pinot Noir
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1035 Pearl Street, Boulder CO 80302 
PH: 720-542-8159end_of_the_skype_highlightin720-542-8159

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