Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dish Abroad: Nashville's Pancake Pantry and a Top Chef Gem

Nashville is obviously the home to many things... one of those being classic food. I spent the first morning in town with my friend Chris at the Pancake Pantry, a quintessential little joint that has been a Nashville staple for 50 years. And after waiting in line for almost an hour was not disappointed.

A bomb breakfast with The Pantry's world famous sweet potato pancakes- that truly melt in your mouth as they're topped in Cinnamon Cream Syrup. I found myself full for about the next 8 hours until we made our way into the Belmont area for a more continental experience.

PM is a creative expression of Arnold Myint's stylish cuisine. Sushi, cocktails and Asian-Inspired Cuisine make up this concept, and ultimately serve to please.

Spider Roll, "Nashville Roll" and Curried Sweet Potato Bisque

My friend who despises pickles makes an exception for
Arnold's variety of tempura-fried with smoky chili mayo
More culinary adventures to come as I wrap up my time in Nash- stay tuned...

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  1. So happy to have had made another appearance in on the Dish! First since our farewell dinner at Nonna's.