Wednesday, October 5, 2011

5280 Magazine's 25 Best Restaurants of 2011

So the 2011 annual ode to gluttony has been released- that of course being 5280's 25 Best Restaurants list. Every year when I read this, I look forward to spending the next year eating at each and every restaurant, and personally dissecting the fateful 25. Not that I have any beef against 5280's food writers, but if I'm going to accept any challenge this year, or even make a certain holiday resolution, it would be to check all of these great restaurants off of a tasty rap sheet for my own selfish reasons. A year-long magical mystery  tour de cuisine- one that starts where it finishes, and I only have to go as far as Littleton or Boulder. Sign me up.

Of course, every year I let myself down. I never get even close. Maybe it's a function of time, money, or both. But all I know, is that the feat will get increasingly difficult as the Denver dining scene grows and matures. However, it's still only 25. That's 2 a month, with a remainder of 1... doable right? Tell you what, I need some accountability.

And maybe I'll cheat a little too- because I can knock 6 off the list with next week's premiere event 5280 Dines. With Cholon (#5), Mizuna (#3), Edge (#23), Colt & Gray (#10), Table 6 (#18) and Barolo Grill (#11) all on the menu, this one's hard for me to pass up. And to top it all off, it's hosted by Le Grand Bistro and Oyster Bar. Bring on the Kumamotos, and stop by next Wednesday at 6 pm- I know I'll be there!

So until next year 5280, and again, gracias. Thanks for combing through hundreds of restaurants in Denver and narrowing it down for all of us so we can't go wrong; it's a true service to the greater good. In the end, though I already feel stuffed just reading about it- I'm personally stoked to embark on the 2011 grubfest. Dish It Up!

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  1. Awesome list. And I think a lot of people want to go that places and I like. Thanks for sharing.