Friday, October 14, 2011

East Clashes with West at Sandoval's Zengo

Short and sweet- I'm stoked that I was able to stop by Zengo the other night for a limited edition menu that served to please. After getting a tip about their "Taste of Lima-Tokyo Dinner", I was truly enticed and stopped by for a fine evening of cuisine and cocktails with Jess. After all, Zengo is admittedly one of her favorite places to eat in Denver, and rarely falls short of high expectations.

True to design, Richard Sandoval's Latin-Inspired Asian concept offers an appropriate and exact example with this menu. Celebrating the Peruvian cuisine of Lima and fusing it with Tokyo's flavorful yet familiar flair, this offering yields a surprising pallet of colors, flavors, and textures that surprised and resonated with me and my fellow diners. And without further adieu, I welcome you to feast with your eyes, in hopes that you will stop in and indulge your senses:

Offered in full or a la carte, the menu boasts a series of small plates and
is balanced with cocktails that complement the experience

A tangy rainbow ceviche- with salmon, tuna and fluke in a 'leche de tigre'
vinaigrette, and topped with a fried Shishito Pepper
Pairing: Sparkling Sake Cocktail

Sarsa Salad with crisp lima and green beans, feta, peanuts and a ginger peanut dressing.
Pairing: Chicha Morado Mojito

"Chupe de Mariscos"- a spicy, creamy broth with mussels, clams and shrimp.
Topped with quail egg and garnished with Verde Farms micro greens.
Pairing: Spicy Maracuya Pisco Sour

"Oya-Ko"- meaning parent and child, eludes to a chicken breast being topped with a fried egg. Comedy aside, this was a serious dish with deep flavors, and as the yolk ran through the sauce, it created a hollandaise-like consistency that paired well with a tangy chimichurri sauce.
Pairing: Yamazaki Blood Orange Sour

Ocha Ice Cream- infused with green tea, drizzled with a goat's milk 'Cajeta' caramel sauce.
Pairing: Lucuma Martini with Ginza Soju
Regardless of the fact that 6 courses turned into almost a 3 hour meal, we left feeling satisfied but not weighed down. The menu that Sandoval's team has concocted provides balance and variety that will allow you to enjoy your meal, longing for more. And in the end, that's exactly what it does. The menu is available until October 31st, so take my word on this one- get on over to Zengo before this offering is gone! Dish It Up!

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