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Fiesta on the Hill: La Loma Mexican Restaurant's Chile Rellenos (Updated)

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Update: La Loma has moved! In current Denver fashion, La Loma ditched their space to make room for new construction and likely got a big paycheck for their spot. They have since moved downtown across from The Brown Palace to: 1801 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202.

You can still expect the same awesome food! (Try the fish tacos!!)

I've always enjoyed Denver for its melting pot of cultures, and in turn their respective cuisines. And after having traveled more than usual this summer, I've confirmed one thing: our mile-high city still reigns supreme,

especially when it comes to Mexican. Now that doesn't mean I didn't find good food in some of these other cities, but I do find myself longing to return home for a comfortable experience. For Jess and I, we always find that at La Loma.

Currently our regular hang out for dinner with good friends, we've found ourselves frequenting this little place on the hill for quite some time now. And though we love many things about this restaurant, one thing ultimately keeps us coming back: consistency.

The best giveaway in town: warm chips and salsa. And of course, La Loma's house margarita to balance sweet with salty.

Having been tucked away into a residential area off of Speer and Zuni since 1973, La Loma may be one of Denver's best kept secrets. (Remember they moved) With a homemade menu created from scratch, the flavors, textures, and depth that you get at La Loma remains unmatched in my book. So in turn, I felt I needed to do a service to those of you who read regularly and fill you in on this local diamond in the rough. And in order to save you some time, I also have to point you towards one of the dishes that they do best: Chile Rellenos. Now I'm normally a fan of traditional techniques when it comes to authentic cuisine, but between soft or crispy at La Loma, I have to opt for the latter.

Though not the most photogenic of plates, these dudes back a flavor punch that stands alone. A pair of roasted green chiles are stuffed with a sharp blend of cheeses and after being wrapped and fried are smothered in a smoky pork green chile sauce that brings some sweetness and spice to the table (as well as 5280 honors). And being that some days this chile is more spicy than others, you know it's homemade with the utmost care and passion. With a perfect balance of chewy and crispy, as well as a smoky element, I would honestly say that this is the best relleno in Denver. And the price is right at $9.95, with homemade rice and refried pinto beans.

La Loma does a lot of things well, and they've had nearly 40 years to refine their well-executed offering. So even if you show up and opt for something else on their menu, you likely will not be disappointed. But if you do decide to take my advice, remember one thing: La Loma has been there for a long time, and isn't going anywhere. So go back again and again,  make this place a regular outing for your friends and family, and support a true piece of Denver's culinary history. Dish It Up!


Avg Entree: $10

Open daily for lunch and dinner

Happy Hour Mon-Sat 2-6pm

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