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Snooze, The A.M. Eatery (8.5)

I can't underline anything in the title of this post, but Snooze truly is THE A.M. eatery. When the name of your restaurant becomes locally synonymous with the meal of breakfast itself, you know you've done something right.

When Dish Trip came to town a few weeks ago, it was hard not to start the day off with the funhouse of desayuno. Almost as if Willy Wonka were to open up a breakfast joint- Snooze comes complete with oompa loompa colored decor, a constantly changing wall mural, and of course a Rockies jersey commemorating the opening vintage of 2005. This place has true neighborhood pride for their boys of summer, that's for sure. And it's neighborhood has pride for their food.

When Adam and John Schlegel, brothers and fellow restaurateurs, embarked on the noble quest of feeding Denver their most important meal of the day, I doubt they knew what they were getting into. But in taking breakfast to the next level with a Southwestern kick, it's fair to say they've succeeded because they continue to spread their crusade to the four corners of the front range. Some would say it's all in the execution, but frankly it's the passion. The benedicts, the home fries, the pancakes. Hand-thrown coffee mugs. A fully integrated logo. Custom-made booths. The best ingredients.

If you're lucky enough to avoid a long wait at the joint (or even if you don't), you surely won't be disappointed. With a menu that includes classic breakfast dishes, a collection of benedicts, pancakes, and some Southwestern specialties, it's hard not to find something that works for you. Whatever you get, you can expect there to be an attention to detail on every plate.

The Pancake Flight- including pineapple upside-down, cinnamon dulce, and chocolate chip. Notice the anglaise logo drawn on top of the left pancake, that's what I call fully integrated marketing.

Ham Benedict III- an english muffin topped with shaved ham, poached eggs and smoked cheddar hollandaise.

The Sandwich I Am- egg, sausage, and cheddar cheese on an Udi's pretzel roll. Served with smoked cheddar hollandaise and a stack of hash browns.

A meal in a glass- made with Snooze's own pepper-infused vodka. One tasty mary!

We had quite a spread to pass around with my friends from Dish Trip, as they fueled up to continue on their whirlwind tour of Denver dining. Snooze was a great start to a tasty day, but all in all this place remains a Denver icon and the reasons are obvious. So head on over to your closest Snooze and Dish It Up!

Food: 9.0 (as far as breakfast goes, that is)

Ambience: 8.0 - contemporary, creative, warm, upbeat and uniquely designed. How many logos can you find?

Service: 8.5 - attentive, comfortable, and accurate from start to finish


They sell their handmade coffee mugs

Hours:  6:30-2:30 M-F; 7-2:30 Sat-Sun

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