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The Lobster Roll: Max Gill and Grill

Now that summer's finally here and I'm back to the eating (and blogging) board, I find myself constantly daydreaming of a few things: and one of those is seafood. There's something about a cold beer paired with a dozen oysters, or a pound of peel and eat shrimp to demolish on a patio that just does it for me.

But if there's one thing that tops it all off, that of course would be the Lobster Roll. There aren't a ton of options when it comes to finding this seafood lover's delicacy in Denver, however it's hard to screw up lobster on a roll. And even though you're probably good to go wherever you land, this time it's about Max Gill and Grill.

A Wash Park staple for as long as I can remember, Max sort of resembles an old galleon ship with dark wood and sparse lighting. I used to love coming to this place and attempting to pay for Thursday night beers with gold doubloons. And though what used to be my regular oyster happy hour is now a more rare occasion than hoped, it always brings me back those college days.

On this night, I found myself lost in the nostalgia but also realized how much life had changed in a short amount of time: mainly being that I'm married and I'm on a budget.  Needless to say my liver is thankful, and so am I. So as Jess and I dropped in packing heat with a gift certificate, I knew this wasn't going to be the usual beer and oyster fest of old. But rather- I took the opportunity to splurge in a different way.

 With a price point of around 20 dollars, this isn't a cheap sandwich but it is worth every penny. Simplistic in nature, Max takes a well-toasted hoagie roll and tops it with a mound of lobster meat, lightly dresses it in lemon and mayo, and splits the spotlight with a generous helping of fries (go the truffle-parm route, it's worth an extra buck or two).  This is the perfect meal for a warm summer night, paired with a lemon-doused pint of Sunshine wheat. And though Max can't help you out with the patio, they open up the back end of the restaurant if it's nice out. Almost as good.

Now my Bostonian friends may have something else to say about Denver Lobster Rolls, but I'll take what I can get. Next stop: Steubens, where's I'll actually sit outside and soak up some rays. Stay tuned... and of course... Dish It Up!

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